How I make a poem

An idea, mood, image sparks, then I snatch up a scrap of paper, pencil, pen to scrawl or a phone to voice memo. It’s a semiautomatic act which riffs off inspiration from something I observe, read, or experience. There is an opening of the senses, then words spotlight the moment. Momentum begun, words flow without reflection, the page fills, sometimes it is reworked and ready to read, or filed in a folder lost until later when its kneaded and baked into a poem.

Re-vision   see something old again and make it new now

embellish whittle polish paint color it up recite hear the trip-ups on tongue interpose words delete phrases reorder the line play with space columns indentation punctuation italics recharge cut craft transform

Hit send

This is the work I am doing: poetry revising for submission to the fates

September 27,2023

Special themes: ekphrastic, aubade, character sketches, cultural observations, swans, self-reflection, eros, passages

List of publications


Long-listed in the anthology IRIS from the University of Canberra Australia 2017 p.34     This is an ekphrastic poem inspired by the following image:

“Nocturne au Parc Royale de Bruxelles”            by William Degouve de Nuncques 1987

what a turtle sees
What Swimmers Dream by Susan Baur 2020

Detritus becomes a dream
OpenDoor Magazine Issue 15: December 2021

the selfie
Parcham Online October 2022

I whisper to her
Sad Girl Review: issue 9: Cat Lady 2023

home invasion
Skink Beat Review October 2023